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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

God answered me!


Sudden rise of doubt;
Made me think a lot,
Blinked with worry...
“Who am I?” is my query.

Many resulted parry;
Some said sorry!
To make me merry;
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Just answer my query..

My foes answered “wary”
& friends called me “fairy”
Mom gave me a peek;
Just named meek!
To overcome my fall;
Dad calls me doll!

Hark! Hark! Hark!
Am I really calm! Or a super storm!
Am I either handy!Or mere meaty!
Am I either chatty!Or wide witty!
Am I either weepy!Or extremely zany!

Now God is my seer,
Please make me clear…
You always come to justify;
Whatsoever you ratify;
My foremost doubt will nullify!
Your prise is peerless…

Now I am really fine!
With your lovely lines-
“Brain is to think;
Eyes are to blink;
Whenever you think,
I am ready with my link!
River is to flow;
& you are here to glow!
Sun is to shine;
You are always mine!”

written by- sowmya 
on 18th july2011 


  1. Hope now you know who you are....anyways..the poem is awesome so as pic which is quite relevant to poem.

    U have found that niche in you....keep writing :)

  2. Hemant!
    my heartfelt thanks for helping me to find this picture!!
    the credit goes to you!!
    thanks for ur comments ..

  3. really nice poem...
    hope you get to know who you are..
    this is a question which every 1 asks himself one or the other day.. and gets the answer by his experience...
    some time it takes a long time.. but surely you will get to know..

    keep blogging..

  4. Keep your thank in the bank....

  5. That was awesome answer given by God....Glad you realized who are still hunting for my answer....who I am?

  6. you made me blush blush blush, such free flow of words... thats a true poetry, soft to read and to fell the essence.... awesome work

  7. Hey sowmya....I like to rite prose in freetime but seriously this poem of your is awesome!!! m flabbergasted.!!!!
    keep writing...

  8. hey valli its very simple to know about ourself..
    we are all childrens of u come to know catagory so dont worry :)

    thanks for ur comments

  9. bhargav,

    you too write well...
    thanks for dropping me ur views..

  10. skywalker thanks for dropping from ur heart...

  11. It's beautiful. Came to see your version of 'Who am I', which is beautiful beyond words!

  12. Nice poem. :)
    Liked the last 4 lines a lot! :)

  13. thanks saru & abhishek...for enjoying this stuff... & speaking from ur heart...

  14. Splendid Words! Its a very beautiful and deep poem. Keep them coming :-)

  15. welcome aakask
    thanks alot! for feeling the poem & dropping from ur heart :)

  16. Nice peom and nice rhythm... keep writing..


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