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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Moody Moon


Thy hide & seek with murky;
Makes panoply of perky;
Whim for a natter &
Wished to muster with my flatter..

I tried to reach thou with ladder;
Which end in banter!
Thou a fuddy-duddy;
Often mooch with moody..

Though you look single;
I wonder how you mingle!
Among myriad stars twinkle;
Its pleasure to call you Uncle!

The beauty of thy slide;
Grab million eyes wide;
Thy mole on a side;
Tricks tipple chum of child!

Thou a clown of hull…
Everything turns-off dull;
When you become null!
Couple enjoys the mull;
When you return back full!

You are a king at night;
With a lovely color of white!
Bard adore thou & invite;
Boffin fight for thy site;
Thou made me playwright;

Oh moody moon mesmerize my sight!

written by sowmya.
on 24 th july 2011.

Note :murky-cloud;panoply-splendid display;natter-chat;whim-sudden desire;
muster -sum on ur energy; fuddy-duddy--old fashioned ;
mooch -pass-time aimlessly;moody-changeable; chum-close friend;
hull-structure;mull-kind of wine;bard-poet;boffin-scientist.


  1. Wow its lovely and the use of old English with new one added to the beauty!

    Beautiful poem :)

    Take Care

  2. hello bhargav...

    i have used more than 100 words;how can you write "no words" :P lol...
    just kidding :)

    happy that you enjoyed it & gave me a smile ...
    thanks you!

  3. hai eternal love- welcome to my blog..

    happy that these words mesmerized you!
    thanks you for u spoke from ur heart! :)

  4. hello fatima ,
    yes ,just gave a try by jumbling the old & new ...happy that you enjoyed it & thank you for u spoke from ur heart! :)

  5. Captured the moon-lit night nicely:) Beautiful...

  6. OOG!!!!!

    This is your the POEM Sowmya......U made a mark make a note of it

    Awesome :)

  7. there is a kiddish charm in this prose of yours :)

  8. my hearty thanks to...
    saru; hemant; & skywalker...
    keep smiling always

  9. so blissful..this has a calming effect...great..:)

  10. hey valli thanks for ur visit :)

    hello nirvaan thank you & welcome to this blog :)

    hello sunil thanks you & welcome to my blog :)

    happy that everyone enjoyed my moody moon...

  11. One word: BEAUTIFUL !!

    and yes it's the best ever in your bunch.. :-)
    be always like this..

  12. I was speechless after reading your poem. Very touchy. Thanks for sharing sowmya

  13. I'm stunned, you write really well :)
    Love, Ayushi :)

  14. hello pranab! one word : thanks :P :)

    hai latha vijayakumar thanks for ur compliment ...:)

    hello ayushi for the motivation words :)

  15. very nice i like moon.......... nice design nice writing ......!

  16. welcome sapne-shashi & dibakar sarkar

    thanks for enjoying the moon :)

  17. Wonderful poem describing moon, it's always a treat to go through your poems :)


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