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Monday, 1 August 2011

everlasting mobile!


Dynamic digits of ten;
SIM makes you run;
Teens sms for fun;
Keys wend with pun!

Calls make you giggle;
Vibrate mode to wriggle;
Out of range you waggle;
Meager makes thou struggle!

Though smaller in size
Connects & curtails the miles;
Capture whoever smiles,
& preserve it in your files!

Sleep safe inside the pocket;
Dangle & dance as ladies locket;
Get charged with single socket;
Spate as gimmick in a market!

Even child can give the verdict;
Here i am to just predict...
whole world will become your addict!

written by :Sowmya
on 1st Aug;2011

Note:wriggle-make short twist in body movement;waggle-rapid shaking;meager-scanty in amount balance;dangle-hang;gimmick-attractive device.


  1. U know what!!!!!
    Its "THE" poem...U must contact some mobile company....and make some gr888 lyrics for thm ;)

  2. hahaha!! funny hemant... thanks for ur suggestion but none of the company need this poem they are purely monetary minded!
    hope u enjoyed it thanks for the comment :)

  3. I agree with Hemant. What an idea, Sirji!

  4. hey hemant ...u are going popular with ideas saru voted for u :)

  5. Thank You Saru.....
    @Sowmya: Now you also need to agree ;)

  6. short and sweet...liked the lucidity...

    good stuff!!! :)

  7. wow sowmya, I say this on can write on anything girl...very very creative... :)

  8. @ hemant fine ...agreed! :)
    hai ambiguous insomnaic...thank you for dropping the words from ur heart ... :)
    hello skywalker...thanks for recording ur motivational words in my blog! happy that you enjoyed it...:)

    keep smiling always :)

  9. Ha ha.. never read a poem on Mobile!! Good one..

  10. ooo.... poem on a mobile phone.., it's really nice and creative, and the way you write its great.. and yes i agree with your friend Hemant.. :P.

  11. I agree with Hemant and Saru... A unique poem from a wonderful pen.. I have to say, If mobile can feel poems then it would love you for this sweet poem..

    Someone is Special

  12. hello sunil..yes i thought of taking a different concept so tried for mobile i think it worked out hope u enjoyed it thanks ....:)

  13. ohh my ....thanks himanshu for huge motivational words.all these types of boost will make me feel to write more & more thanks a lot ....:)

  14. hello someone spl...

    seems i have to seek for a mobile company with all ur suggestion :)
    thanks you for the adorable words :)
    keep smiling always :)

  15. @ hemant ..yes u got more votes :)finally won :D
    this is what always happens...u win !!! :)

  16. Nice one...!!! I loved your poem and specially the subject which you have chose.....
    Its a simple device but it does wonders... :)

  17. thanks dj & welcome to my blog ;happy that u enjoyed it :)

  18. gr888....loved it...i can see blackberries and iphones coming your way to thank for such a creativity...:P

  19. A mobile phone is all you need!!
    Nice, fun poem. And I'm with Saru and Hemant as well :P :)

  20. welcome ankit & risha..
    thanks for dropping from your heart :)
    keep smiling always :)

  21. This was really something outta the box, quite seldom anyone would have thought to write a poem on a mobile. Superb poem! Can't describe a mobile better than this ..

    1. Welcome kokz :)
      thanks you for your encouraging words :)

  22. Very true expression.. :) Good Harmony :)

    Enjoyed reading it :)

    One thing more to add

    "One call is enough to give sleepless nights" :P

    Loved it Sowmii :)

    1. Welcome Akhil,

      well i thought mobile will feel bad for that line :P anyways thanks for dropping by!


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