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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Heart speaks


Hello can you hear!
My ever loving dear;
I rock & roll here,
To make you live without fear.

If I wish for a rest;
Life will lead to test,
To avoid mournful pest;
My role play is must.

“Lub-dub” is my peal;
It’s my song of heal;
If you listen & feel;
Will find universal appeal...

I’m the beat of soul;
For thy rhythm of love;
And impart its role;
I retrace on the whole…

If I stop my walk
Neither ear will hark;
Nor eyes can view the park;
Neither mouth can mumble or mock;
Nor stomach can digest the stock.

End once; if I start;
Wear a skin of soft part;
An example of exert;
Yes! I’m your unique heart! 

written by :Sowmya
On 9th August ,2011
Note:peal-sound aloud;hark-listen;impart-convey;retrace-repeat the route;mournful-sorrowful;appeal-attraction;exert-taking effort


  1. hey !! it's nice dear!.. and for the first time i thought you can write romantic poem as well.. try it.

  2. It's very nice and I love the word, Lub-dub. Beautiful creation...

  3. hey pranab! may i know what made u to think like that! fine.. let me try for it :)

  4. thanks saru for talking from ur heart :) keep smiling always :)

  5. hey, nice poem.. u are really a good poet and i loved its last line "Yes! I’m your unique heart!". and i love the way you make it rhyme, the perfect use of Vocabulary.
    and specially writing on a positive note.
    keep writing..
    Keep smiling as always.. :D

  6. This being very realistic

  7. Hey.. that is so nice.. beautiful composition :)

  8. hai himanshu!
    thanks a lot for load of compliments..happy to know that you enjoy my writing :)

  9. @ anonymous ..welcome! & thanks for dropping by...

  10. hello sunil...thanks for speaking from ur heart :)

  11. Wonderful.....tomorrow if i get to read a poem about anything!!! I am sure its written by Sowmya

  12. lol that's great compliment hemant thanks any ways...

  13. Amazing words, right from the bottom of your heart :)


speak from your heart; be a part of my memories...