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Friday, 16 October 2015

Say Good Bye!

Its all the way you think
Will make your life sink
Just say good bye!

Ever, Ever & Forever

Most word of care
Almost everyone take it rare
Used in the sense of tear 
As disavowal one share 

Never think in that way
Ever remember to say
Just always say

Bye -Bye! Good bye!
Good bye! Bye-Bye!

Word is pretty simple
With cheek of dimple
chant as in temple
Its Spirit turns ample

Just say Good Bye!
Bye- Bye!

Memories will glorify
Mindset will modify
Make sure to take a try

Good Bye! Good Bye!
Good to be with you ever
Ever, Ever & Forever

Written by

Disavowal- denial of any connection with


  1. Welcome archana kapoor!

    Thanks for your lovely words. :)

  2. Wow... Its simply wow !

    Every person who reads this will have their unique thoughts... ~ like it is said Bye - Bye, Goodbye!

  3. Welcome Mekan c:)

    after a very long gap i am viewing your words.thanks for your visit.Glad that you still remember this blog.


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