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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Won the Bet- Yes dream

Two souls begin with a query,
Did you feel any dreams?
Really! Is there any such feel!
Oh My dreams!
It's not lifeline to gleam
Never, Never to ream. 

One with a bet of a dream,
Days are near to get your night dreams.
Smirked as reply.

A soul of bet felt extreme;
With a night out prayer well seem,
Sunrise with a shiny purim,

Joyfulness as a scream;
Just seen in eyes of realm,
Rewind the best way of dreams,

Yes! I felt the dream,
Yes! I felt the dream,
It was like a steam
Neither my upstream
Nor my down stream.

Wishing for the memories of dream
Just once more get your dream
Won my best if you redeemed
With your greater dream 
With your greatest scene.

Just dream... Just dream
Never bother your deem
Deep and Deeper beam
Being as Night or day dreamer...
Dreams makes us dream,
Dreams makes us eames,
Dreams makes us seam.