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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Drops,drops, drops ...
Yes its just a drop.

Drops compels the cosmos dance,
Though memoir is in our hands,
populaces neither admire nor glance
Its blind preference to be eminence.

A drop of doubt..
Is a spot where bickering sprout,
Unless one untie that knot
Tranquility in life will turn out.

A drop of sweat..
Earned to effectuate life's debt,
If not heeded & slept,
feckless life will be an inept.

Drops,drops, drops ...
Yes its just a drop..

For the drops of  rain,
Farmers kowtow with strain,
 Just  not a solitary gain,
Its merriness of mass grain.

A drop of milk..
Forms cream,curds like silk,
Foods with ghee are in bulk,
 Makes the crying kid to sulk.

A drop of nectar..
An irrevocable sector,
Its a laggard effort of the bee,
But lacs grab it for their glee.

Drops,drops, drops ...
Yes its just a drop.

A drop of  ink..
Either black,blue or pink,
Once if gains a paper's link,
Sways millions to blink.

A drop of dye..
Its to prank one's eye,
To hide their stage,
Reasoning its a new age.

Drops,drops, drops ...
Yes its just a drop..

A drop of blood..
Is a requisite red flood,
When unfortunate race ahead
Its scarcity will path to mud.

A drop of tear..
Droplets when guilt smear.
 From every birth it gear,
Endure till bereavement fear.

A drop of sperm..
Is a reactive term,
If mind is not firm.
creates and culminate to worm.

Drops,drops, drops ...
Yes its just a drop.

Written by:Sowmya
on 16th April,2013.

Note:memoir-autobiography,populaces-people,bickering-quarrel,Tranquility-peace of mind,effectuate-carry on,heeded-not considered,irrevocable-unaltered,laggard -slow progress,bereavement-death


  1. Hi Sowmya,
    Hope you're doing good.
    Such a beautiful and meaningful poetry...You made a wonder with this one dear.
    You made me realize the importance of drops and each in a different sense!
    Its great to see how magically you've used rhyming.

    Cheers! thanks for writing such a beautiful poetry on April 16th (My Birthday) and your inspiring comments :)

    My best wishes to u dear
    Keep writing!

    1. Welcome Simran,
      my hearty belated birthday wishes to you.
      :) thanks for your appreciation for my writing..
      you made my day :)

  2. Great writing..
    A meaningful poem...
    Good rhyme.....
    Keep on... :-))

  3. Drop Drop Drop!!
    Drop all you do
    Read this poetry
    Lovely and true!

    Lovely poetry Sowmya! Nice to see you back from hibernation:)

    1. Welcome Rahul!

      :D Really glad to view your commentary with the topic "drop" :) thanks a lot for dropping by!

  4. Indeed it is a drop that starts, nurtures and makes this world go round. A new perspective and enjoyed reading your poem.

    1. Welcome Saru! :)

      my hearty thanks for admiring this tiny thought :) happy for ur visit :)

  5. awesome.. n soul searching... hmmm back with a bang... hope u k... keep writing which helps u keep smiling... :) :) :)

  6. Welcome Bhargav,

    thanks for your caring words :) yeah i am fine..its due to busy schedule was unable to express my thoughts :) hope u are doing good! :)


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