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Saturday, 2 July 2011

I dedicate this poem to my dear friend who died...may her soul rest in peace..

Friend Vs Love
  I miss you my friend;It was your shocking end!!The time we spent;Were my treasures will never end…
Life is a mystery;You became its history;With your love story…
I used to make fun;Of Ur romance & relation,But you never cared my “says” Followed your own way.
You chanted his name..Least of 100 time a day!Which made me realized..How much you care!Those are really rare!You both made a pair..
I remember the ructions you shared;That was not fair;To make you realize; I said that twice, “ Friendship is always wise!Friendship is always wise!”
After the stage of marriage;Like an angel inside a cage;Unable to utter your stage;But you tried to manage.
Once we met at temple;Topics we shared were ample;But your story was true tragic;I wished for a fair magic,
Though you had pain within;You gave me a fake little smile;By uttering golden words—“Hey sow! –Never Be Sad”
I know my dear friend!You always deserve my smile…Then, why you left me apart….?& won the life with end?
Huff! My dear friend,why didn't you realize? Love is always blind;He is not of your kind,
To whom you fell,Is just a bloody hell!!Within a couple of days;I still remember his says-“She was just my fate,Now I have a gate;To make another date.”
Now I can feel your soul..How will you take that whole?With tears you said it twice;Friendship is always wise!Friendship is always wise! 

written by:Sowmyaon july 1st 2011 


  1. hello friends!
    if you notice the picture the girl sitting with other angle if u see deeply u can find a face of a man...

  2. hey....this one carries a lots of emotions..may the soul of ur frnd be relieved in peace..

  3. Hey it was full of emotions and painful...may her soul rest in peace! If, she were here she would have been glad to have had a friend like you!

    Take Care.

  4. wow !!
    it's awesome.. You did it again.. told a story full of emotions with the simple words..
    keep writing !

  5. Wow soumya....what a lovely poem.....really heart touching...:)

  6. some we gain some& happiness we retain..when we lost we have its pain...
    thanks for being in my memories..

  7. my hearty thanks to

    may god bless you all!
    keep smiling always!

  8. Very nicely written Sowmya! Thanks for your comments.

  9. nice lines....

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  10. Oh, WoW . . . I'm so sorry for your loss, Sowmya, but I hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that you have an angel friend in heaven watching over you every day 0:) What a *beautiful* tribute this is and you told the story very well in poetic form :)

    This verse is very profound and my favorite:

    "After the stage of marriage;
    Like an angel inside a cage;
    Unable to utter your stage;
    But you tried to manage. "

    She was so lucky to have you as a friend and I love the ending because "friendship IS so wise" indeed ~ it's our foolish hearts that don't always want to listen :) Thanks for sharing this one with us ~

    Sending you love and hugs from my ♥ to yours,

  11. welcome back fiona!
    ya received ur love & hugs :) thank u soo much for ur care & glad that u enjoyed each feel of mine! :) may god bless you too!
    keep smiling always :)


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