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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Flow of thoughts..

Poet's sonnet

Thoughts showersinside the brain; 
Some bric-a-brac like a rain,
To inculcate with
  a sign;

Start with a splendid line!

With vicarious or veracious thoughts;
Either vanished or flourished part;
Always remains in your heart....

Thoughts flow through the veins;
Makes to ruminate about soulful lines;
By nabbing from your preserved heart!

Replenish your fun with pun;
With a potent peak of peppy list;
Lure with a skill of linguist;
& capture a part of every heart,
With  all your cheerful thoughts!!

Written by:Sowmya
On july,15th,2011.

NOTE:BRIC-A-BRAC various object with little value;veracious-truthful;vicarious-experience something with imagination;ruminate-think deeply;replenish-refill;Inculcate-to fix idea in someone's mind.


  1. this poem i dedicate to all the poets & writers...

  2. Good one......These lines potraits the conditions of a writer when he sits to write a poem....and he ends up with nothing....but as soon as he feels like writing....he ends up with beautiful lines in less than a minute ;)

  3. much better.. much much & much better.. both the changes and the writings.. :-)

  4. It's true...and it happens all the time :)

    Take Care.

  5. @hemant;pranab;fatima..

    thanks for the entire support friends & thanks for being in my memories...

  6. Marvellous, I am in love with first 4 lines...:)

  7. :) thanks saru...
    yes i too loved this poem & that "bric-a-brac like rain"

  8. thoughts flow thru veins... wowwwww

    such a beautiful work of wisdom...


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