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Sunday, 5 June 2011


In Search Of Paradise

I was missed in the dark dense forest;
Insuperable with my lost way,
with a stage of deadline;
I prevailed to propitiate  those path,
Holding faith as my deification;
Faced the role of rigmarole,
Just like a sleepwalk; 
on a slippery slope,
I felt blind on the entire hope!
At a fluttering movement against foe;
I wandered with a wanderlust; 
& exhaled with an exhaust.
Thereby wished for a fairy-God-Mother;
To get rid-off my woes;Meanwhile,
A sweet voice fascinated me;
& made me woke up;
From falter & fanciful moment,
That familiar fetching voice; called me again!
I felt the true paradise....
When i saw my lovely mom;
With smile she uttered;
"Good morning Dear! "

written by : sowmya
written on:4th June, 2011

NOTE: insuperable- impossible to overcome;rigmarole-long complicated process;wanderlust-strong desire to travel;falter-lose strength;fanciful-imaginary;deification-treat as god.


  1. Wow !!!

    u have done it again... it made me smile when i saw the last stanza... sweet and touchy... keep it up dear !! :-)

  2. Hey this one is really a gr8 piece of art....i have read it third time by now..keep up the same passion :)

  3. a happy thanks!!! for reading it thrice ...

  4. hilarious at last!! ha ha ha
    keep writing

  5. Beautiful ending to a wonderful verse from the heart:)

  6. thank you friends... for being my memorable part!!

  7. Oh my, that was indeed a nightmare.. Good ending to it though :) My mother waking me up after one definitely would cheer me too. Cheers!

  8. thanks leo!! for enjoying it & dropping your views from ur heart !!

  9. I will not tell so much beautiful words like others :)....But i can't suppress it... Wonderful..wonderful :)..Meanwhile .. who is that foe? :)

    1. Welcome Akhil! :)
      it was a bad dream; i just remember that horror effect that's it,dont remember who was it :)
      thanks for your wonderful effects :)

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