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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

my designs

  I take this art as my pleasure during my leisure!
  The name "rangoli" is derived from the words 'rang' meaning colors and 'aavalli' meaning row of colors.
The designs used in drawing Rangoli generally include geometrical patterns with lines, dots, squares, circles, triangles, the swastika, lotus, trident, fish, conch shell and even footprints.

Origin of Rangoli-

* There are a number of legends associated with the origin of the Rangoli art in India.
The earliest mention in regard to this art form is found in Chitralakshana, the earliest Indian treatise on painting. It is said that the death of a high priest's son in a particular kingdom led to widespread despair. The people of that particular kingdom prayed to Lord Brahma, asking Him to bring the boy back to life. 

Moved by their prayers, Lord Brahma asked the king to paint a portrait of the boy on the floor. Thereafter, He breathed life into the portrait and the boy became alive again. It is believed that this was how the first Rangoli painting got made.
    Even Chola rulers have been known to make quite extensive use of Rangoli as floor paintings. It is also said that powder or sand is used for making Rangoli designs because the combination of the colors and the design fragility signifies the impermanence of life and maya.


Traditionally natural dyes like bark of trees, leaves, flower petals and turmeric powder were used to prepare rangoli
Rice flour were used to draw lines so that it will be a good food for ants & other insects...

Today, any occasion, be it birthday, wedding or some other parties, etc, is good enough Rangoli is seen almost everywhere in India during Diwali festival. The art form holds great religious significance. It also enhances the beauty of the surroundings and spreads joy and happiness all around


  1. My Mom also makes these Rangolis in front of the main door. I never knew how this thing originated. Thanks for letting me know :-)


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