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Sunday, 10 April 2011

* baby's feeling


I was just like a seed;
Inside a very secured land;
You poured me the water;
And wish me to grow.

I felt so warm and slept very safe…
Little by little I occupied your space;
With all your energy & super human power!
I felt your happiness;
And the care you took;

Day by day I spurt to growth;
With all sort of fun in kick & scroll.
In all your ups and downs;
You kept me *upbeat!!!

It was the period of turn & twist;
Your affection attracted me;
To give you surprise!!!
With a stage of *tenterhooks,

I felt everything very new;
hoo! No! hoo! No! hoo! No!
I wished to stay back;
I blasted with a cry;
For few hours and more,

Then with a blink; I saw you very glad;
Are you the one who
Protected me so far???
I will never let you down
Where ever you are!!!

Note:*tenterhooks---at state of nervous suspense.
*up beat---cheerful & optimistic.

Written by: sowmya
Written on: 12th,   December, 2010.


  1. wow! beautiful feeling of a baby...hats-off to your wonderful thought!
    keep writing dear!

  2. a different concept and perfect way to put it, last five lines are jz awesome.... you are such a wonderful soul to think of this... god bless you dear :)

  3. hey thanks priya...for full of motivational words...

  4. bhargav...heartfelt thanks for your well wish..
    happy that you enjoyed it!:)

  5. Good poem..
    the feel of it shows the feel U hav for ur mom...
    soo nice...
    keep writing..:)

  6. ohh its my pleasure!
    anjaani welcome to my blog!
    my hearty thanks for ur heart spoke!
    keep smiling always :)

  7. Sowmya, first time on your blog.. I have to really thank you for leaving this link on my post.. I just love it.. The way you ended is beautiful.. "Children should never let their parents down".. Following you from now on.. I wish to read more from you pen..

    Someone is Special

  8. Amazing poem! loved going through it, kids are God's little Angels, you have given words to what a kid feels when he / she is in her mother's womb :)


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