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Monday, 11 April 2011

*my second poem- its about a soul & almighty


When You Said, "I Have Selected Ur Parents";
I Just Asked,"Should I Have To Leave You"
But You Gave Me A Smile &Whispered,
Why Fear,When I Am Here!!!!!!!!

I Cried In My Worries;Shared My Joy;
Sorrow Just With You;Sometimes,
I Yelled At U With All My Anger;
But You Gave Me A Smile &Whispered,
Why Fear ,When I Am Here!!!!!!!!!!

I Faced Some Tough Challenges;But ,
You Solved My Problem Easily Away,
And  Gave Me A Smile &Whispered,
Why Fear ,When I Am Here!!!!!!!!!!

You Expected Nothing From Me; But,
I Expected Many Things From You;
And Now,I Realize Your Love &Care;
Though Its Not Too Late To Understand You...

Now Its Time For Me To Return Back,
By Just Finishing The Whole Journey;
I Met U Again  After A Very Long Gap,
With A Beautiful Hug &Smile;I Said,
Why Fear When You Are Here!!!!!!!!!

Written by: sowmya   Written on:5th December, 2010.


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