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Sunday, 10 April 2011

feel of a winner...


You never said no! To any of my wish,
So I decided to make u feel proud of me.
I sang your song & got some prizes!
I thought you will feel, so pride;
But you proved me that,
There are better than me!!

Then I felt;all my effort resulted in vain;
But I didn’t give up making u feel pride,
I joined too many games and won…
Lot of fame to my name, but;
You proved me there;
many better than me.

Still I didn’t change my mind….;
 I took some effort in my creativity so….
With an award of victory,
I rushed up to you,But,
you proved me again many better than me!!

Though I won; I am a looser now;
I sat with sadness & disappointment so...
I never thought that you are making me Understand;
No one is better; Or too worst
You are happy to see every one as same…
This made me feel pride over you again!!

Written by: sowmya

Written on: 11th December, 2010

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