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Saturday, 17 September 2011

surprising compliment i ever got !

This is a surprising compliment i got from my sister through mail;
when ever I asked  her about my writing (poems) 
she didn't give me proper response but its 
really a sudden surprise with her reply with sweet poem to me!
i never knew that she had such a beautiful talent hidden inside!
happy to share this with every sweet hearts!

your poem is a calibre 
with lots of crossfire;
i know you are my delegate
which i really appreciate!

i like your ballad;
with full of salad
i know you are my enamour;
that really ensure.

your words in the poem rapture;
with good sense of culture;
i know you are a silent creature;
that's why you easily capture!

may you be blessed by all;
when you can overrun all;
with your wish get fulfilled; 
that makes your life more thrilled!

your ever loving sister

this post is to just give her my hearty thanks!
I love you my dear! thanks a lot!
really amazed to see this surprise :)


  1. wow! tat was awesome! loved your sis!! gr8! poem :)

  2. it's really lovely.. & though late she understood.. :)

  3. looks like your family has god immense talent.
    Looks like you are getting some competition within your family..
    lol.. just kidding... wese, nice poem. i liked the use of words...

    must say.. nice to read

  4. Awww, that's so sweet of her and it's a cute and lovely poem...:) You're lucky to have a sister like her..

  5. thanks Niya...ya she is lovable :)

    thanks pranab! yes! she understands me well always.

  6. lol thanks himanshu! if suppose we had competition she will win for sure! she is a brilliant soul!:)

    thanks saru! you are right i am very lucky to be her sis :)

  7. sisters are the best in the whole world....<3

  8. The most beautiful way to receive a compliment ever! :-)

  9. welcome sudeshna! yes ur right! thanks :)

  10. its not very often that people are able to say what they truly feel. in your case, m glad your sister spoke up. m sure it must have felt great! :)

  11. well said -a grain of sand! welcome to my blog! :)

  12. That was really a very beautiful gift one can ever receive. I must say that she is also very much talented like you.

  13. :) yes she is more talented than me Aakash thanks anways!

  14. didi has this hidden talent..and i guess i visited her blog as well....

    Anyways...u must be proud of ur sis now :)

  15. Wow equally talented sisters..! nice read.. pls convey to ur sister..!

  16. Good dedication to a Nice Sister..Loved it chechii :)

  17. yes it it Akhil,thanks for ur wwords!


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