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Friday, 23 September 2011

Grandpa's Love Letter!

My lovely beauty queen,
I still remember the scene;
Your scamper with shy was keen;
That made golden days of teen,
Just flew away in steam…

Would like to steal our past…
Our love is boundless in cost;
Though our scintillating sentiments are vast;
Whim to relocate & gather it fast!

From the moment we started our life;
You are my laudable wife!
When I want you to hug & kiss;
I adore your shy towards grandson’s quiz.

Our maneuver in life is as gusto as cricket;
Now reached an eventual age to get our ticket;
Its almighty’s choice to choose our wicket;
Either you or I
must eschew mournful look with our locket.

I may be deaf! When you scream;
My shivering writing may not quash a ream
Yet my heart is younger to extreme;
You are the lady of my dream…

After ups & downs of tears;
Dear! Glad to see you cheer!
Now we have nothing to fear;
Come near! Come near!
I love you... Always dear!

written by : sowmya
on 22nd sept 2011

Note:scamper-light steps;scintillating- sparkling; laudable-praiseworthy;maneuver-plan;gusto-enthusiastic;eschew-avoid;quash-put an end to;


  1. wonderful the grandma should be a special grandma :)

  2. i have written this already and will write it again, you have the gift to write about anything in prose.....awesome fabulous.. :)

  3. Awww, this is so beautiful...Each paragraph stands out!

  4. welcome raja! thanks of course grandmas are very special always :)

    welcome & thank you skywalker :) all the best for ur trial.

    welcome & thanks saru :)

  5. Inspiring!! it made me feel how special grandma's and grandpa's are! You nailed it!

  6. welcome manoj! & thanks for ur words!

    very true...after full of sacrifice finally they get time to relax & interact each other! this is life :)

  7. Beautiful words, especially the last paragraph is quite touchy.

  8. thank you Aakash! for feeling the content! :)

  9. welcome sujatha! & thanks but i didnt get ur second comment "verification"! ? where?

  10. Beautiful written.....keep writing....all the best

    Sanjay bhaskar
    आदत….मुस्कुराने की

  11. This is truely awesome Sowmya....i wonder how you transitioned the emotions of an old man into a poem.....awesome work...I too wrote something like this sometime ago....

  12. welcome & thanks sanjay :)

    welcome & thanks magiceye :)

  13. welcome hemant :) after long time!
    thanks for ur words!
    ya i read ur too its really touchy! :)
    thanks for the link anyways

  14. welcome Rahul! thanks for ur words :)

  15. That is soo cute...! and romantic.. Love is like Wine.. the more it ages the more it tastes good..:)

  16. This is such a sweet post! I loved it!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

  17. welcome back! ashok :) glad to know that you enjoyed it :)


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