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Saturday, 14 May 2011

* voice of God


Come on my child; think something wide;
Why do you run; after the sun?
Why do you smile; when you gain someone?
Why do you cry; when you lose someone?
Come on child! Think something wide;
You are also the one; who is going to be none!

Why do you search the meaning of your life?
Why do you laugh; with all the fun?
Why are you angry; & scold some one?
When you are going to be none!
Come on dear child; think something wide;

Why do you love; at some one? Then;
Why do you fight; for silly reasons?
Why do you care; for something very rare?
Why do you hate; for something really waits?
Remember my child! You are also the one;
Who is going to be none!
Come on dear child think something wide;

Why do you wish for this materialistic waste?
When I am ready to give you; all of Ur tastes!
Now tell me child; what do you bring after you die?
Come on dear child; think something wide!!!

written by:sowmya
written on:14th dec,2010


  1. this one is awesome baby!!!!
    keep it up :)

  2. normally we ask thousands of questions to i just thought of a change...
    thanks hemant...

  3. Worth pondering on. Nice post!

  4. welcome & hearty thanks for your comments


    sudeshna das

  5. Awesome....! and your blog it's into outerspace...!! excellent dude. keep it up !!

    visit my works too :-

  6. you have an amazing blog...the compositions is great...the backdrop is beautiful and grand....your writes give a grandeur of your thinking and writes....very beautifully written...good job and good luck

  7. thanks jayanthbushi
    & thank you "fallen poet"

    nice to hear these words for the effort i took...
    keep smiling always :)

  8. Very beautifully written ... Thanks for sharing :)

  9. My pleasure, Sowmya ... Keep writing, God be with you ┼


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