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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Profile Picture

Earlier expression was an ink
Switched to cup of drink
Sublime with profile of prink
Dreamboat skips in rink
For perfect pretty pink

Guise with pose may differ
In reality role may suffer
Basic earner is least bother
Blow by blow stands as buffer

Hair style as a spike
With a trendy new bike
Status thought-through as hike
If showers lavish in like

Updates all your Exchange
Express to any range
In the saddle to rearrange
The Profile picture change

Written by 

pink- the best condition,In the saddle- high powered ,prink- dress to show off, 
dreamboat-very attractive person,Sublime -great ,Guise- external appearance,blow by blow -detailed


  1. Lovely verse of profile picture. I changed mine an hour ago on Facebook. Good to read you after a long time.

    1. Welcome Saru!

      Thanks for enjoying your time!


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