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Friday, 18 December 2015

Come on! Its still okay!

Life is a irreversible game 
If shuffled with slide of shame
Whole slew with all the blame
But the world remains same
Still you need to stay
Come on! its still okay!

Trustful one may forsake
With crack of minute mistake
May twist track to earthquake
Will lead a major headache
Now at-least stay awake
Come on! its still okay!

Every gate is with Inspection
When efforts leads to rejection
May stand without direction 
Carving for care of connection
Your hopes will ever pay
Come on! its still okay!

Written by 
18th Dec'15

forsake -leave ,Carving- very much desire,Whole slew - plenty


  1. Optimism symbolized..... very powerfully

    1. Welcome Mr.Saket!

      Thanks for your view dropping by!

  2. Your thoughts are really inspiring and this poem is also liked by my children.
    Keep writing :)

  3. Welcome Mr.Anil Sahu,
    Glad to know your kids view too..thanks for sharing it.

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome Maniparna Sengupta!

      Thanks for dropping your likes. Happy to know it.:)


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