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Monday, 30 November 2015

Partnership World

loads & loads sails in ship
Expects to be unbroken trip
Journey goes if fingers on your lip
It was our previous generation's grip.

But looks for a cup & saucer
Connects like net & browser
Match involves to be shirt & trouser
Its concept of present generation rouser.

Be it a living & non living grip
Its a sense of  hi to bye snip
Ranking as a business with quip
Its fact of blooming generation flips.

Come on its an attached clip
Though surprises with hands on hip
Must soften as the biscuits dip 
It senses the world of partnership.

Written by 

Rouser-active /excited snip- cut with small strokes,Quip-clever comment flips--quick movement.


  1. An exploration of partnership, Ends with Sense!!! I liked the line " Journey goes..." Beautiful!!! Keep inking!!!

  2. welcome mr.frank aliester,

    Thanks for your dropping your views of encouraging words!

  3. Sense of Hi and Bye one sowmya.....finally uve started writing more frequently after a long gap...and I must welcome u with red carpet!!!! And it is not a Hi and Bye snip ;)

    1. Welcome Hemant!

      Thanks for your red carpet :) hope to carry with more writings. welcome back to drop your views!


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