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Monday, 13 July 2015

Feet Of Freedom

Feet is yours,Earth is yours,
Either you hold or decide bold
Though already told,
The problem is yours,
the solutions are yours.
Just think and act,
Rather to react.

Feet is yours,Earth is yours,
Just walk and stay
like many follow your way
Many have the broken legs
still you can hop & reach,
or wait for others to teach.

Feet is yours,Earth is yours,
The pain is yours,
The strain is yours
Either stand with shy
or just kneel & cry
But never fail to try.

Feet is yours,Earth is yours,
There will be a route 
For your effort with salute 
Just ascertain the fruit
with the freedom of your foot.

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  1. Lovely poem. Happy to read you after a long time. And why did you change from Sowmya to Sowmpu? :P

  2. Welcome Simran!

    Thanks for your openness. glad see you after long time.
    I just clicked for blog updates it included with G+ :)

  3. That was a cute poem Sowmya:) Good t see you back after a long break!

    1. Welcome Mr.Rahul!

      Glad for your remembrance after long gap.Tons of thanks.

  4. Thanks for the invitation to enjoy your Poems.
    All the best.


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