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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Outrageous Orphan

It's frazzle feel as a non hybrid seed,
Born to incinerate my cradle need!
Grown up without mother's feed;
Is it fair on credible creator's deed?
Either like or dislike;accept kind-heart's share,
Longing for least of fake love and care;

Face blooms when filled with day's fare,

Search of cheer in washed out life is rare!

World view as maverick ,mean & rash;
Mob mistrust & maul me a wordy lash,
No matter if adjured aim afar to an ash;
When Friend's fun is ever refreshing flash!
Color, caste, culture are an abortive line,
When birth and death dates are not mine;
'Forget & forgive' are human's sign,
Who so ever ask,my answer is always 'fine'!

Written by:Sowmya
On 5th Nov,2012.

Note:frazzle-exhausted state;incinerate-destroy;maverick-unorthodox & independent person;adjured-urged,maul-wound;abortive-unsuccessful


  1. Wonderful..definitely a masterpiece Soumi :)

  2. Welcome Akhil,

    Thank you for the wonderful words! :)

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    1. Welcome Rahul!

      Huge Thanks for your regular visit & motivational words!:)

  4. Welcome Devilish Angel! :)

    thanks for the words!

  5. Good to see your writing after a long time Sowmya... Why don't you join

  6. Welcome Ashok! :)
    even i am glad to see your words in my memorable page. thanks for your guide :) sure will try!

  7. Touching truth "Longing for least of fake love and care"

    1. Welcome Mekan c
      Surprise to view you dropping by!

  8. Then I wonder how it would be if you could write on "Surprise". I'll be looking forward...


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