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Friday, 25 November 2011

My daily walk!

Early morning walk;
with mesmerizing cuckoo's talk,
the smartest squirrel mock;
At merry cloud runs amok.

Irreversible cool breeze;
Nourishing mist to freeze,
A "hello" wave by tree;
Makes me feel fresh & free!

woodpecker peep from its room;
Moggy chases its prey in zoom;
Though fluke to view the buds bloom;
Admiring it ,Awash every gloom.

when hands proudly swings
Pitter-patter footsteps brings
An outpouring briny sweat to attain zing;
My inhale & exhale gaily sing

written by :sowmya
on25th nov 2011


  1. A very sweet poem about the morning walk! Captured so beautifully!

  2. Hope I had a walk like this every day Sowmya!

  3. A Beautiful Walk with cute rhyming :)
    I was in a wait to read you again and so here you made it! :D

    Thanks for sharing..
    Take care and stay smiling :)

  4. Ahhh ~ she lives!!! Have missed you, Sowmya! So glad you returned with such a beautiful *walk* for all of us to enjoy!

    Don't stay away so long next time ;) x0x

    1. sometimes it happens to make u wait sorry for it thank u :)

  5. well decorated poem about morning walk! well done.......

  6. Ah.. those lovely days.. of cuckoos and squirrels but I dont see them now a days..! ur post brought those memories back..!! :)

  7. thank god sowmpu is back........hai 4m heaven its just wlkng n wrtng...:)

  8. such a sweet poem.....loved the child like innosent feel to it..

  9. wow... dats really a cool walk.. it will retain us fresh 4 d whole day...

    nice one...

  10. Great poem, motivated me to put my shoes on...

  11. Nice poem. I think I have to try a morning walk someday soon. Sounds interesting.
    Love the dancing Winnie the Pooh on the left sidebar :)
    Really cheerful blog you've got here. I think I'm going to hangout more often here.


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