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Saturday, 14 May 2011

*Just A Limerick

None Cares Me ;When I Am Without you!

Hey You Dummy "Money"
I Have Good Heart To Feel;
But None Cares Me;
Though You Are Dummy;
Everyone Respects You!
I Have Words To Talk;
But None Hears Me;
Though You Are Deaf & Dumb;
You Speak Everywhere,

What A Magical Power...Do U Have?
Makes Every Human Run Behind You,
Though You Have No Emotions;
But Play A Game With Others Emotions
Where Ever I Step In ;None Call Me;

I Just Carry You;
And You Become The King!
Though You Have No Feelings;
Then How Do You Bring Us Smile;
How Do You Make Us Cry;
With All Your Silent Natty,
Rule This World With Naught;

Taught Me A Lesson;
Though You Are Zero
You Are Just The Hero!

We Are Always Zero,
Without You Hero!
If I Learn To Deal You;
Then ;I Will Be The Hero!

Written By: Sowmya
written on:25th jan,2011


  1. This is so very true, Sowmya ..
    Though Money is dumb but it speaks everywhere ..


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