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Thursday, 14 April 2011

* Daily prayer!


You are the one;whom i believe in;
You are the one ;who make me surrender my sin,
You are the one; who controls ever with my win,
You are the one;who teach me speechless lessons...
I am just a poor little one;
who is anxious with every thing.

Though i am poor little one;
now you have to listen
and needed to look at some one;
There are some one;who still starve without a bun,
There are some one;who shoot every one with gun,
There are some one;who makes fraud just like fun,
Still some one who plays a game of emotions...
Look at the one with a ruthless heart;abuse women,
There are some one with cunning mind to win any one!

Though you care every one at one end ;
But still give your smirk with other end,
Look at this little waif; who don't know my end;
I am the one who lost patience to see all these ruin,
But; still sitting in these hot oven;
Boiling with a sadness of helpless hand,
When will you come & clear all these ruin!!!

written by :sowmya  ,

12 jan,2011

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